Tools for pronunciation of Macedonian words and how to use them

In the process of learning Macedonian or any new language, you may wonder how a word is pronounced. To learn how words are properly pronounced, the best approach is to learn the rules of pronunciation in Macedonian and expose yourself to the language as it is spoken by the native speakers. Nonetheless, if you are just starting out with Macedonian and want to quickly hear the pronunciation of a word or a full sentence, you could use either the pronunciation option of Google Translate or the tool Maika.

Although neither of these options resemble real-life speech exactly as it is, they are making a considerable effort at reproducing it, especially the tool Maika. Before using them, therefore, be aware that they are a tool that is constantly in improvement.

How to use Maika

Open Maika.

In the text box, where it says Што би сакале да кажам? (What would you like me to say?), type in any word or sentence. In our case, we have the sentence Сакам да научам да зборувам (I want to learn how to speak). Once you have typed the word or sentence, click on Говори (Speak) and you should be able to hear the pronunciation.

How to use Google Translate’s Pronunciation Tool

Open Google Translate.

In the first window enter an English sentence, or choose your language of choice and enter a sentence in that language. In our case, we will add I want to learn how to speak.

Then, click on the arrow in the upper menu in the left box to reveal the languages and select Macedonian.

Finally, click on the Listen button to hear the pronunciation of the sentence.

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