Macedonian grammars

Are you a new learner of Macedonian? Have you been studying Macedonian for a long time and still have questions that you would like to find answers to? If the answer is yes, then we believe this guide is exactly for you!

When we embark on a journey to learn a new language, we need to support our studying process with additional resources. The materials that we use can help us improve our skills in different fields of a language. If we want to learn more about the way a language is structured and its inner workings, we could turn to a grammar. On the other hand, if we want to improve our comprehension skills and get familiar with the pronunciation of words, we could use audio-visual resources, such as movies, songs or audio specifically created for learning.

Macedonian grammars

Although it is the oldest Macedonian grammar written in English, Horace G. Lunt’s 1952 Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language is an excellent, free resource to check when you want to get your grammatical questions answered. Besides grammar, the book offers a short linguistic history of the Macedonian language. What’s more, at the very end of the grammar book, you can find selected Macedonian short stories along with a vocabulary section. Even though some of the language and examples used for grammatical illustrations are outdated and do not mirror contemporary Macedonian language exactly as it is, Lunt’s grammar is an invaluable resource to use while studying.

To download Horace G. Lunt’s Grammar of the Macedonian Literary Language for free, head to this page.

A more concise and succinct grammar, primarily aimed at advanced learners of Macedonian language is Victor Friedman’s Macedonian Language. Besides offering a shorter overview of the inner workings of Macedonian, Friedmann’s grammar makes use of contemporary Macedonian language to illustrate grammatical points.

Get access to Macedonian Language by Victor Friedman for free by going to this page.

The most thorough book for learning Macedonian grammar is Christina Kramer and Liljana Mitkovska’s Macedonian: A Course for Beginning and Intermediate Students. As the name itself suggests, the book is beginner friendly and is aimed at new learners of the Macedonian language. Not only does this book feature grammatical content with examples from contemporary Macedonian, but it also offers plenty of exercises, which gives you a chance to put your theoretical knowledge to practice. More importantly, however, the grammar is accompanied by a CD, which gives you an opportunity to get used to the music of Macedonian and pronunciation of words by doing the exercises.

To purchase this book, head over to this page and to buy the CD with audio, go to this page. Alternatively, you can simply look up the book on Amazon.

If you are interested in more resources about Macedonian, do not hesitate to visit the Digital Resources for the Macedonian Language by MASA (Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts). Note: the majority of the resources are written primarily in Macedonian.

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