How to look up words in Macedonian online dictionaries

The whole learning experience will not be complete if you do not support the process by using additional resources.

If you need to look up a word or simply want to expand your vocabulary, try one of these dictionaries:

Digital Dictionary of Macedonian Dictionary

365 Dictionary

How to look up words in the Digital Dictionary of Macedonian

Open Then click on Речник (Dictionary).

You will then be taken to a Macedonian-Macedonian dictionary. To look up a definition of a word and get an example of its use in a sentence, type in a word (e.g. трча) and click on the search icon. Next, you will be given different meanings and definitions of the word трча (run).

If you want to look up words in the other direction, i.e. English-Macedonian, click on обратно (reverse). Then, type in an English word (e.g. telephone). Then, you will be immediately given the Macedonian translation of the word as well as its definition.

If you would like to check your spelling of words and have it corrected, open Дигитален Речник на Македонскиот Јазик (Digital Dictionary of Macedonian). Then click on правопис.

Type in any sentence or word in the text box. In this example, we have the sentence Сакам да научам како да користам речник (I would like to learn how to use a dictionary). Then click on Провери (Check).

You should be given the corrected sentence or words. If there are any mistakes, they will be marked in red. In this case, the words научам (learn) and користам (use) were misspelled.

How to look up words in Dictionary

Open dictionary. Then, click on англиски-македонски (English-Macedonian) to reveal a menu that allows you to choose between different languages in which you want to translate. In this example, we choose англиски-македонски (English-Macedonian).

In the search box, type in the word you want to look up. We are going to enter the word run (трча), in our example. Then either click on the word run from the menu below or on the red button барај (search).

Finally, you should be taken to the page where you can get different translations and meanings of the word run.

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