How to add an accessibility keyboard on Mac OS

Keyboard layout

Macedonians use the QWERTY keyboard layout. The QWERTY keyboard is phonetic, meaning that it partially matches Macedonian letters to Latin letters that are pronounced similarly. Letters that cannot be matched are mapped on other keys.

The QWERTY keyboard layout with Macedonian letters looks like this:

B. Jankuloski, CC BY-SA 3.0 <,> via Wikimedia Commons

In case your keyboard layout is different and it is hard for you to find where each letter is mapped, you can use an accessibility keyboard to look at the letters and type at the same time.

How to add an Accessibility Keyboard

Disclaimer: This guide is for Mac OS Catalina. If you have an older or newer version of Mac OS (Mojave or Big Sur), click here for more information.

Open System Preferences.

Once the window is opened, click on Accessibility to open it.

When you open the accessibility settings, scroll down in the left menu to find Keyboard and select it.

Next, in the upper menu click on Accessibility keyboard. Once you open it, click on Enable Accessibility Keyboard.

Then, you should be able to see the accessibility keyboard on your screen immediately.

Finally, to switch between different accessibility keyboards, you can either choose a keyboard from the keyboard menu in the upper right corner, or use the keyboard shortcut by pressing Option+Control+Space bar to select another keyboard.

For more information about Accessibility Keyboards on Mac OS Big Sur or Mac OS Mojave, go to the following links:

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Accessibility Keyboard on Mac OS Mojave

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