How to add a Macedonian keyboard with Google Input Tools

Web Browsers

Although you may use any web browser that you wish, we recommend using Google Chrome since it offers much more functionality and lets you experience our courses as intended.

To download Google Chrome, go to Google Chrome’s website.

Alternative Virtual Keyboard: Google Input Tools

If you do not want to install an additional keyboard layout on your computer, we suggest using Google Input Tools as an alternative for a keyboard.

Google Input is a typing tool that would allow you use a virtual keyboard in which you can type in Macedonian in any exercise.

A pre-requisite for installing Google Input is having Google Chrome.

The following steps will teach you how to install Google Input in your Google Chrome browser.

How to install Google Input Tools and Add a Macedonian keyboard

Open Google Input’s Chrome extension. Then, click on Add to Chrome.

You will be prompted in a small window to Add “Google Input Tools.” Click on Add extension. 

You should then be informed that you have successfully installed Google Input Tools on your computer.

In the upper-left menu in Google Chrome click on the button for extensions, then pin Google Input Tools, so you can quickly access it whenever you need it. 

Once you have added it, click on the Google Input Tools button and then on Extension Options.

Scroll down in the Add Input Tools menu until you find Macedonian and click on it to select it. You should then be able to see it on the right side in the Selected Input Tools menu. 

Once again, click on the Google Input button in the upper-left menu and select македонски (Macedonian). 

Click on the Google Input Tools button again and select Show keyboard. 

Finally, if you open, you should be able to see the virtual keyboard on your computer.

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